At morphics we pride ourselves on our experience and expretise in the field of programming, but what really sets us apart is our commitment to our customers' success.

We work collaboratively with our clients so that a system can develop naturally as we build it. Projects always evolve and grow. We understand that you can't set a software specification in stone right from the outset, and sometimes you need to see something in progress before you can fully visualise where you want it to go.

We make sure that our systems are future proofed, so that if you want to add extra functionality to the system at a later date, you won’t have to start again from scratch. Unlike many other developers we use a common code base, and give you the ownership of that code so that you’re not restricted to working exclusively with us again in the future should you ever decide to go elsewhere. We're sure you will want to work with us again, but we want it to be your choice, not because we've made it too difficult or expensive for you to move.

We know that finding the right software consultant can be a difficult process, so to get things started we're always happy to meet you free of charge to discuss your current software, infrastructure and hardware, and what your future needs are. That way you get better advice about the technologies and solutions which are most appropriate for your business. There is no obligation - if you decide to go elsewhere or if we can solve your problems without having to write a bespoke system, we're still happy to help.

The Team

Chris Hart
Director, Software Architect
MEng Electronic Engineering, University of Warwick

Chris is our software architect specialising in C# and ASP.Net MVC, and is tasked with keeping up to date with new technologies and industry trends. He is an active participant in the .Net community and enjoys the day-to-day challenges of solving software problems. His personal interests include quad-biking and playing music, and he plays Segway polo for Team England.

chris.hart@morphics.co.uk | Linked in